[PP Storage]Drawer Wide Deep W21.7"xD17.5"xH11.8"


Outer Dimension: W55xD44.5xH30cm
Storage Dimension: W48.5xD39xH25cm
Weight: 3.3kg
Weight Capacity: 2.5kg
Maximum Stacks: 4pcs

*Fragile shipping handling fee 
Extra $10 handling fee will be charged on each piece. 
(Limited 2 piece per order.)

*No Express, US Domestic only. Orders maybe cancel if area is not deliverable.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.


The four PP storage drawer series is the perfect choice for storing fabric clothing. You can customize your storage space based on different height, depth, and width.

measurement a

measurement b

※To avoid possible risks, please follow the maximum stacking quantities and weight capacity.
※Due to the material characteristics, there might be slight differences in individual measurements. The differences might be noticeable upon stacking the storages.



Storage Drawer Series Size Comparison

Clothing Drawer

clothing top

clothing deepDeep

clothing largeLarge

clothing smallSmall

Closet Drawer

closet top

closet deepDeep

closet largeLarge

closet smallSmall

Storage Drawer

storage top

storage deepDeep

storage largeLarge

storage smallSmall

Wide Storage Drawer

wide top

wide deepDeep

wide largeLarge

wide smallSmall



Storage Tips

measurement c

Small Medium Large
Shirts T-Shirts Socks
Sweaters Camisoles Neckties
Cardigans Bra Inners Handkerchief
Bath Towels Face Towels Mini Towels
......etc ......etc ......etc
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