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Juicer Mixer with Mill

This mixer can serve up to 2 people. Use it to prepare juice and soups conveniently. The mill attachment can be used for liquids, small dry foods, baby food, etc.


Dimension: 14.5x11.6x28.4cm
Weight: 0.97kg
Modal No.: MJ-HM1AUS
Spin: 17,400/min
Voltage: 150W
Cord Length: 1.2m
Contains: 1 changeable mixer
(Limited 2 piece per order.)

Made in China


juicer A. Cap
B. Juicer Body(400ml)
C. Cutter Blade
D. Power Button
E. Wired Plug

grinder A. Grinder Cup(75ml)
B. Max Fill Line
C. Cutter Blade
D. Cup Holder


juicer base

Base Sensor Function
The base of the Juicer Mixer contains a sensor that detects if parts are properly attached. For the juicer to function properly, ensure that the Juicer Body or Cup Holder is attached correctly.



Juicer Instruction

juicer instruction 1Step 1.
Line up the ● on the Juicer Body with the ○ on the base. Then, twist the Juicer Body to match the ● on the base.

juicer instruction 2Step 2.
Put ingredients in from softest (ex: liquids) to hardest (ex: ice).


juicer instruction 3Step 3.
Place the lid on and lock; hold lid while pressing the Power Button.

juicer instruction 4Step 4.
Twist the Juicer Body from ● to ○ on the base to unlock.

juicer life image



Grinder Instruction

grinder instruction 1Step 1.
Put ingredients into the Grinder Cup, and close securely with the Cup Holder.

grinder instruction 2Step 2.
Line up the ● on the Grinder Cup with the ○ on the base. Then, twist the Grinder Cup to match the ● on the base.


grinder instruction 3Step 3.
Hold the cup while pressing the Power Button.

grinder instruction 4Step 4.
Twist the Grinder Cup from ● to ○ on the base to remove, then twist to remove the Cup Holder from the Grinder Cup.

juicer life image

※Do not exceed 4 minutes of use each time. There should be a 2-minute cooling down period every 4 minutes of use.
※Do not hold down the Power Button continuously. Instead, pulse on and off to prevent overheating of the base.
※Wait until the blade stops completely before removing attachments.
※Remove the cap carefully to prevent spilling.



  • 1 Year warranty available.
  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse.
  • Warning and product instruction available with the package.
  • Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.
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