Touchscreen Gloves - Border Pattern - Unisex

A conductive material is interwoven into the thumb, forefinger and middle finger so that these gloves make light work of touchscreen technology whatever the weather. Available in 4 different styles, these unisex wool gloves will seamlessly work on iPads, iPhones and all touchscreen phones.

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Acrylic 55%, wool 32%, nylon 9%, polyester 3%, polyurethane 1%

●The touch panel cannot be operated with any other fingers than thumb, index, and middle fingers. ●The response to the touch panel may vary depending on the device model. ●Please note that putting a protection seal on the touch panel can result in slow response with the gloves. Any fuzz on the gloves may also result in slow response. ●A thing you hold with the gloves on may slip like with ordinary gloves on. ●Do not perform any electricity operations with the touch panel gloves on. ●Do not touch any high-temperature items to prevent burn injuries. ●Due to the nature of the material, fuzziness and lint may appear as a result of being worn, washed or dry cleaned. In this event, treat it as soon as possible with a lint remover. ●Put detergent in water 30 degrees Celsius or cooler and gently handwash.Please do not use a tumble dryer. ●Please do not use bleach.
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4548076537311 Touchscreen Gloves - Border Pattern Beige
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