[NEW] Valise Hard Carry Travel Suitcase 33L

Adjustable handle and a device to lock the four wheels. 33L is carry-on size, and 60L and 85L are check-in size.

Upper 100% polycarbonate
Lower: 70% polycarbonate, 30% ABS resin
Liner 100% polyester.
Size 55 x 37 x 23cm (22 x 14.8 x 9.2")
Weight 3.4Kg, carries up to 12Kg
Carry-on size


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[NEW] Valise Hard Carry Travel Suitcase 33L

Scene 1) 4-wheel Hard Carry Travel Suitcase with adjustable handle
Scene 2) Capacity 56L Capacity 72L (Not in the video but, 33L is available as well)
Scene 3) You couldn’t adjust the handle before with our previous product.
Scene 4) With the new Hard Carry, you can adjust the handle to the height that is convenient for you.
Scene 5) Since the wheels turn smoothly, it is easier to carry your big luggage for your trip.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality

    Great suitcase but now way to buy

    April 27, 2014

    I'm sure me and my ten friends that want to buy this would love it if we could only find a way for you to take out money.

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