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MUJI Vacation

Whether you're off to your next jet-set adventure or heading down the shore for the weekend, MUJI is here for all your travel essentials big and small. We made a list and we checked it twice so that you have everything you need to travel in comfort and style this summer.

adjustable handle hard carry suitcase


neck cushions

hanging pouches



Hard Carry Suitcase

Features the same convenient adjustable handle with quieter wheels and improved brakes. Available in four sizes (35L, 62L, 87L, 104L). The 35L can fit into the 87L for convenient storage.




Select your size & color:

35L Light gray

33L Beige

62L Light gray

62L Beige

87L Light gray

87L Beige

104L Light gray

104L Beige

35L Navy

35L Black

62L Navy

62L Black

87L Navy

87L Black

104L Navy

104L Black


Recommended Products

carry belt navyCarry Belt

*3 colors available

Passport CasesPassport Case

*2 colors available

Foldable Tote BlackFoldable Tote Bag

*2 colors available

Boston Bag NavyFoldable Boston Bag

*2 colors available

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Well-Fitted Neck Cushion

Our Neck Cushion is filled with micro-beads, that comfortably fit the shape of your neck or head for extra support. It can also be used as a backrest, a footrest, pillow, etc. The cover can be removed for washing.

neck cushion


Select your color:

Neck Cushion Stripe$24.5

Neck Cushion Plain$24.5

Neck Cushion with Hood$39.5 (w/Hood)

White Gray Neck Cushion

Mustard Gray Neck Cushion

Navy Gray Neck Cushion

Blue Neck Cushion

Navy Neck Cushion

Black Neck Cushion

Navy Neck Cushion with Hood


Recommended Products

Back RestBackrest

*2 colors available

Eye Maske Navy StripeEye Mask

*2 colors available

Travel Neck Cushion NavyTravel Cushion

*2 colors available

Travel Slippers M NavyTravel Slippers

*2 colors available

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Gusset Case

These portable garment organizing cases help to pack and separate your clothes neatly in your suitcase. The shape of the case is designed to fit into the Adjustable Handle Hard Carry Suitcase to ensure maximum utilization of the space within. Made from light and thin paraglider material, it can be simply folded and stored away when not in use.




Select your size & color:

Gusset Cases SSmall $9

Gusset Case Double SDouble S $12

Gusset Case MMedium $11

Gusset Case Double MDouble M $14

Gusset case light gray S

gusset case blue S

Gusset case black S

Gusset case light gray double s

Gusset case blue double S

Gusset case black double S

Gusset case light gray Medium

Gusset case Blue M

Gusset Case black M

gusset case light gray double M

Gusset Case blue Double M

Gusset case black double M


Recommended Products

gusset laundry netGusset Laundry Case

*2 colors available

Gusset case for shoesFoldable Shoe Case

*2 sizes available

Women 2 pack camisole u8sd026Women 2 Pieces Camisoles

*3 colors available

Men 2 pieces Crew neck T-shirtMen 2 Pieces T-shirts

*3 colors available

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Hanging Pouches

These pouches come with a hook, that can be used to hang for easy access in your bathroom. Ideal for organizing your toiletries when traveling. Different varieties to choose from, including ones with a detachable pouch.


hanging pouches


Select your size & color:

Hangingn case with detachable pouch$20 (w/Pouch)

Hanging pouch smallSmall $18

Hanging Pouch LLarge $20


hanging pouch with detachable case gray

hanging case with detachable case black

hanging case small gray

hanging case black s

hanging case large gray

hanging case large navy

hanging case large black


Recommended Products

folding mirrorFolding Mirror

*3 sizes available.

Foldable toothbrush with caseFoldable Toothbrush

portable hair brushHair Turban

*2 colors available.

Travel size sensitive light milk[Sensitive Skin]
Light Milk

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