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Q. What are the requirements to get the coupon code?

A. Orders made at MUJI USA Online Store between 11/3/2017 10:00 AM ~ 12/3/2017 EST with the subtotal value of $100, will receive a coupon code.


Q. Where can I find my coupon code?

A. If you made a purchase over $100, you will receive a coupon code once we invoiced your order. You can find your coupon code in the invoice email. Invoice email is sent to the customer on the following business day of purchase. (excluding weekends). Which can be used on your next purchase starting from 12/4/2017.



Q. Why does it say the coupon is invalid?

A. The coupon code is valid starting from 12/4/2017~12/31/2017 EST. Customer must log in to the account to use the coupon code. Each coupon code can only be used once.


Q. Can I use it in the store?

A. No, this coupon is valid only at MUJI U.S.A. Online Store.


Q. Can I use it on top of another coupon code?

A. No, this coupon code cannot add on with other coupon codes. 


Q. Can I use it on top of other in-store promotions?

A. Yes, you can use this coupon code to purchase price promotion products such as clearance, limited time value, flat rate...etc.

Q. I made the purchased over required amount, but didn’t get any coupon code.

A. The coupon code gives away promotion is between 11/3/2017~12/3/2017 EST. Any purchase after 12/3/2017 EST will not receive a coupon code.



Q. Can you redeem this coupon code on my current order?

A. No, you can only use this coupon code on your next purchase starting from 12/4/2017~12/31/2017 EST.


Q. Does the coupon code apply to shipping & handling fee?

A. No, this coupon code applies to product price only. Shipping & Handling fee will not be waived.


Q. If I purchase a product that has the value less than the coupon code value, will I get the refund?

A. No, each coupon code can only be used once. If the coupon value is over the purchase, you will not receive any refund.


Q. How does the refund process work?

A. Orders are subject to follow original return/exchange policies. However, the refund is only valid up to your minimum spend on the order. This means the discounted value will be calculated by the system and deducted from your refund. 

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