PET Cylinder Spray Bottle

Compact, travel-sized spray bottles are ideal to put hair spray, mouth wash, and other travel essentials. Clear cylinders make contents easy to identify. Lid seals tight to prevent spills and make transportation easy.

Meets TSA guidelines

WARNING : Anything with a high percentage of alcohol should not be placed in these containers. No foods, drinks, oils, nail polish remover, perfume, cologne, toner ink, vinegar, paint should be put in these containers. Skin toner is allowed to be put
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4548718994274 PET Cylinder Spray Bottle - 12ml

Regular Price: $3.25

Special Price: $2.93

4548718994281 PET Cylinder Spray Bottle - 18ml

Regular Price: $3.75

Special Price: $3.38

4548718994298 PET Cylinder Spray Bottle - 30ml

Regular Price: $4.25

Special Price: $3.83

4548718994304 PET Cylinder Spray Bottle - 50ml

Regular Price: $4.75

Special Price: $4.28

4548718994311 PET Cylinder Spray Bottle -100ml

Regular Price: $5.25

Special Price: $4.73

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