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Order Total
Shipping and Handling
Estimated Delivery Time
Other Fees
Continental US
up to $14.99-
5 to 10 Business days
sales taxes where applicable
$15.00 - $29.99-
$30.00 - $59.99-
$60.00 - $99.99-
$100.00 - $199.99-
plus $25.00-
3 to 5 Business days
Puerto Rico Hawaii
plus $30.00-
10 to 14
Business days
No Express
sales tax where applicable
plus $35.00-
10 to 14
Business days
No Express
Shipping and Handling fees include international processing Fees

For orders shipping to multiple addresses, shipping costs will apply per shipment
Currently we do not ship outside the location listed above
Listed above is for less than 70.00lbs packages
Listed above may NOT be applied to shipment to PO boxes.
Oversized items, many of which include bulky or heavy furniture items, require additional charges be added to the standard shipping and handling rates
For specific shipping details or Express request, you may contact us at online@muji.com
Shipping cost is subject to change without notice

*No express order starting from 10/13/2017 to 10/23/2017 (All express orders will be downgraded)
*Orders between 10/13/2017 to 10/23/2017 will take 10-15 business days to be deliver. (No tracking information available until 10/27/2017)
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