Earth Day Everyday

MUJI values the concept of natural, original, and eco-friendly. From material selection to product production, each steps takes into deep consideration of environmental protection to be friendly to our beloved Earth.


☀Printed T-Shirt☀

“We are not the only life living here!” To raise children’s awareness of other living beings, MUJI printed endangered animals and animals that can be found 0n MUJI camp site on the organic cotton T-shirts. Part of the revenue from the shirts will be donated to IUCN-J (International Union of Conservation of Natural) to support their animal preservation movements.

☀Reused Yarn Socks☀

Nothing should go to waste. Discovering the most potential out of our material is the goal MUJI had been striving for. Under this concept, left over yarns from clothes manufactures were able to “reborn” into another unique product.

☀Organic Cotton T-Shirts☀

Since 2009, MUJI traveled through the land to find the perfect organic cotton farm. For over 3 years, our cotton farm grows the cotton without any use of chemicals or pesticides. This protect the environment and the farmers from harmful chemical substances, and allow us to present our customer with more comfortable products.

☀Plantation Paper Note Books☀

To prevent deforestation, MUJI carefully planned the process from planting the tree to turn it to actual products producing. For our plantation notebooks not, only did we used less chemical during the process, producing less Carbon Dioxide waste from the manufactories, but also used more condensed fiber for smoother higher quality papers.