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Choose The Perfect Size For Your Trip

Must-Have Travel Accessories

A hanging toiletry case perfect for travelling or maximizing small spaces. Simply hook this case onto an available surface and you can have all your essentials close by. Perfect height to fit MUJI 200mL skincare products.

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Evolving Hard Carry Suitcase

Changed the specifications of the body surface

The shape of the texture (unevenness) on the surface has been reviewed, and the surface has been changed to a flatter and more matte texture than conventional products.

The height of the handle
can be adjusted freely

The handle can be adjusted in 1 cm increments to your desired height, making it easy to use regardless of your body type or purpose.


Doesn't roll even on a swaying train

Just press the button at hand and it will be firmly fixed. The direction of the wheel axis can be fixed when the wheel is locked.


Even in the city, the caster makes
it difficult for the sound to reverberate.

Uses silent casters to reduce rattling noise.



Uses a double zipper with

The zipper on the main body uses a double zipper that is highly resistant to crime and can be used safely.


Equipped with a TS lock (TSA lock) for
peace of mind when traveling abroad

Equipped with a TS lock that can be deposited at the airport

while locked even in the United States, so you can rest

assured even when traveling abroad.

Plenty of storage

By reducing the thickness of the main body and reducing unnecessary parts, it is a carry case with high storage capacity. You can store plenty of items such as folding umbrellas, spare shoes, and souvenirs on the way home.

Plenty of storage when not in use

If you have different sizes, you can nest the smaller size inside the larger size for storage.

Adopted environmentally friendly
new materials

The main body is made of the same polycarbonate material as the conventional product, while maintaining the lightness and strength that makes it easy to carry. Newly, the lower layer (inner surface) uses recycled polycarbonate made from recycled water server water bottles. We were able to reduce CO2 emissions generated in the manufacturing process compared to virgin polycarbonate resin.