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[PP Case]6 Drawers W10.2"XD14.6"XH12.8"

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Easy to see through, but not transparent. Colorless polypropylene lets you easily see what is inside. The drawers can be stacked even when front-and-back directions are reversed. Fits perfectly on the Unit Shelf.

*Fragile shipping handling fee
Extra $2 handling fee will be charged on each piece.
(Limited 3 piece per order.)

*No Express, US Domestic only. Orders maybe cancel if area is not deliverable.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

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Product Detail
SKU# 4548076749004
Material Polypropylene 100%.
Outer Dimension W26 x D37 x H32.5cm. (W10.2"xD14.6"xH12.8")
inner Dimension W10.5 x D34 x H8.5cm (W4.1 x D13.4 x H3.3")
Weight Approx. 3.8kg
Weight Capacity 1.5kg/drawer.
Maximum Stack 3 pieces.
Country・Region of Origin Japan

PP Small Storage Case

*Purchase of this product at MUJI USA Online Store is FINAL.There will be No return or exchange accepted.
(*Please double checks the dimension before purchase.)

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