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[Rattan]Square L with Handle W13.8"xD14.2"xH9.4"

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Stackable and traditional handwoven rattan baskets. Individually handwoven using lightweight, smooth, uncoated rattan. Designed to uniform dimensions so that same shaped baskets are stackable.

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Out of stock
Product Detail
Sku# 4548718021826
Material Rattan
Outer Dimension W35.0 x D36.0 x H24.0cm
Approx. (W13.8" x D14.2" x H9.4")
Country惻Region of Origin Vietnam

Rattan Basket

rattan basket

*Purchase of this product at MUJI USA Online Store is FINAL.There will be No return or exchange accepted.
(*Please double check the dimension before purchase.)

rattan 1All the rattan raw materials are gathered and arranged into the same size.

rattan 2The local weavers making the basket one by one by hand. Usually, 1 or 2 baskets are completed per day.


rattan 3Skilled Weavers quickly and accurately weave each basket. The unique weaving pattern created sturdy storage.

rattan 4After ensuring the quality, size and shapes had met the standard, the baskets are ready for the final touch.


rattan 5Double checking the size of each basket meets MUJI standard.

rattan 6Any extra splinters were burned by the burner, and brush off with the brushes.


rattan 7Steam the baskets to help makes the material softer, shapes more align and preserves the natural color of the material.

rattan 8Using glues to test the qualities of each basket. Of course, this is also done by hand.


rattan 9When the weather is nice out, the baskets will be put out to dry up. Any extra splinters and small hairs will be removed and brushed away for the final touch.

rattan 10After passing the MUJI quality standard, products are tagged and distribute to the stores around the world.


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