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PP Double Pen Case

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Material: Polypropylene
Dimension: 21x7x2.5cm

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

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Country of Origin: Japan
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  • 100%
    perfect + great for students
    I'm currently attending high school and this pencil/pen case is perfect to store many writing utensils and erasers. At most I can fit seven Muji Gel Pens, one Muji Mechanical Pencil, one highlighter, a long eraser about the size of two gel pens, and 4 mini post-its all in the pen/pencil part! It's quite amazing. I can also fit one regular sized Muji eraser and one mini Muji eraser in the top part!

    The box is really durable and hasn't cracked. I do not think it will ever crack because the plastic is a nice quality. I do not think it will accidentally melt during the summer and it hasn't gotten overheated throughout the summer. The plastic hasn't gotten yellow despite how long I've had it.

    This pencil case is perfect for people who want to carry basic stationary around school or work without using a bag. I could totally carry this around school with my notebooks and it wouldn't be a problem.

    In many schools there are thieves who take other people's supplies (a lot of people take my stuff without asking), but since other people do not know what the box is they don't approach it or ask what it is (even though it's pretty obvious that it's a pencil case).

    Another good thing is that nobody else has the same pencil case or supplies as me so nobody takes my things without my permission! Haha!

    The item is fairly cheap. Even if this case was about $10 I would probably still buy it if I knew how good it was before buying it. This case is good for people of all ages and can be used for more than holding stationary. I've seen people use it to hold sewing supplies and many other things.

    If I were you I'd buy two of these because you might actually end up needing the extra one!

1 Item

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