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[PP Storage]Drawer Small W13.4"xD17.5"xH7.1"

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Simply designed polypropylene drawers that are more compact in depth, great choice for storing things in smaller space.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

  • Purchase must be made in increments of 2. Maximum of 4 pieces per order.
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Product Detail
Sku# 4548718816170
Material Polypropylene
Outer Dimension W34 x D44.5 x H18cm
Approx. (W13.4" x D17.5" x H7.1")
Storage Dimension W28.5 x D40 x H13.5cm
Approx. (W11.2" x D15.7" x H5.3")
Weight Approx. 1.5kg
Weight Capacity Approx. 5kg
Max Stack 9 pcs
Country・Region of Origin Japan

Semi-Transparent Storage

These storage boxes made from polypropylene without added colors. The process minimizes production costs without affecting the overall quality. The frosted look allows your items to be hidden from view.

PP Storage

PP Storage

Adjustable Combinations

Choose from varying sizes of storage case from small to large to deep. You are free to create personal configurations by stacking and aligning.

PP Storage

PP Storage

※Please be advised that there are weight capacities and stacking limitations. Exceeding the intended capacity is a safety hazard.
※Please be advised that each product has a slight variation in measurement due to the nature of the material. The difference may be noticeable when the product is stacked.



Storage Drawer Series Size Comparison

Clothing Drawer

clothing top

clothing deepDeep

clothing largeLarge

clothing smallSmall

Closet Drawer

closet top

closet deepDeep

closet largeLarge

closet smallSmall

Storage Drawer

storage top

storage deepDeep

storage largeLarge

storage smallSmall

Wide Storage Drawer

wide top

wide deepDeep

wide largeLarge

wide smallSmall



Storage Tips

measurement c

Small Medium Large
Shirts T-Shirts Socks
Sweaters Camisoles Neckties
Cardigans Bra Inners Handkerchief
Bath Towels Face Towels Mini Towels
......etc ......etc ......etc
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