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Feather Pillow 50x70cm

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The pillow is made out of light waterfowl feather. The pillow is specially weaved in two layers to prevents feathers from sticking out.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

*43x63cm is standard Japanese size as 50x70cm is US standard size.

Product Detail
Sku# 4549738756187
Material: Material: Fabric: Cotton 100%
Stuffing: Waterfowl Feather 100%
Dimension: 50.0 x 70.0cm
Approx. 19.7 x 27.6"
Additional Information
  • The material has a specific smell immediately after purchase and when humid. When this occurs, thoroughly push out the air that contains this smell with your hands, allow to fill with new air and hang up in a place with good ventilation for 3 - 4 hours.
  • The sides of this product are made of double material and have been processed to prevent swelling. Do not pierce the material with needles or safety pins.
  • A characteristic of this product is that feathers may jut out a little from the seams, but this does not affect the use of this product.
  • After cleaning, remove from bag immediately and hang in a place with good ventilation.
  • Take care not to leave with residue from cleaning solvents for a long time, as this may cause chemical burns.
  • Note to professional cleaners: Dry thoroughly after cleaning so that no solvent residue remains.
  • Warning: Please do not bend the product or hit too heavily when removing dust. This can cause the feathers inside to be broken and fall out.
Country・Region of Origin China

MUJI sizes are different than USA sizes. Our 50x70cm fits US standard. Please check the measurements before purchasing

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