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*[Acrylic Storage]2 Drawers L W10"xD6.7"xH3.7"

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A convenient stackable acrylic drawer. You can see the content through the transparent storage and better organize things.


  • Fragile shipping handling fee: Extra $4 handling fee will be charged for each piece.
  • Limited 8 piece per order.
  • No Express shipment for this product.
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Product Detail
Material Acrylic Resin
Outer Dimension W25.5 x D17 x H9.5cm (W10" x D6.7" x H3.7")
Drawer Dimension W23.7 x D15.6 x H3.3cm (W9.3" x D6.1" x H1.3")
Maximum Stack 3 Pieces
Country of Manufacture China

Aug. 22 - Sep. 2 11:59pm EST

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Customer Review

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  • 100%
    Where do I Begin. It was packaged very well. It wasn't scratched or chipped. I was so excited when I opened it I could hardly wait to organize my makeup. I heard about this product on youtube and I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. I will be telling all my family and friends. I will definitely be making another purchase. Love love love the acrylic cases and holders that I use for my brushes. Thank you so much.

  • 100%
    So in love with my muji drawers. They were very well packaged. Took some time getting the bubble wrap off.. I wanted this one for my face primers and mascaras and they fit perfectly. I love that I can see what I already have and they are of easy access. Will be back to purchase more when needed!

  • 100%
    The best!
    I bought two sets on Saturday, and I got them the following Tuesday even with ground shipping option (the cheapest delivery service). On top of that, the drawers were packed very well to ensure that products arrive in good condition. The drawers themselves are perfect for storing makeup. Now I have everything in one corner, and I can see what's inside (which is perfect!). I can't stop looking at them all neat and tidy!

  • 100%
    This little unit is superb. I'm ordering a second one, as I'm pretty sure they're stackable. Convenient size for vanity/counter top, beautiful, very sturdy. Love the slightly raised lip around the top sides and rear - I can put jars of brushes on top without worrying about them sliding off. (Note that while these are quite strong, acrylic is still flexible. If you need to put heavier items on top of the case, keep them to the rear and side edges -- anything heavy placed front and center can cause the top to bow and keep the upper drawer from opening easily.)

    Drawer size and depth is great - around 1.5" deep, so they'll easily fit most lip products and cream shadow/liner jars. Each drawer will hold around 20 standard-sized lipstick tubes easily.

    Also? GREAT value, particularly compared to similar acrylic units from other retailers -- I've seen nearly identical products for around TWICE the price of Muji's.

  • 100%
    All true!
    All the great reviews are true! I received my 2 drawer case and I love it!! Now I am waiting for the 5 draw case to be available so I can order one. Will definitely purchase more!

  • 100%
    The BEST out there.
    I am a 46 yr old mua of over 20 yrs. Ive been through more acrylic than I care to admit. Having the need for natural light that I do (for filming especially) I like my entire set up to be in front of the enormous picture window I had especially installed in my studio. Antique Leopold Executives desk as big as a house for my station (spans entire width of my studio! :) ) The surface of this desk is large enough to pattern a king size quilt together on. I LOVE having my staple products all in my sightline on top of this massive beast WITHOUT feeling cluttered with solid colored storage (ie: wood, opaque plastic bins...etc)...and Muji gets me there. Being in front of a window that gets sun 16 hrs a day, ALL other acrylic I've ever used turns yellow-ish and brittle. I have Muji pieces since the outfit launched that still look as pristine crystal clear as the day I bought them, having sat in this picture window for YEARS.
    There simply is NO other acrylic out there as good of quality . Plus, the streamline design. I love that Muji are finger-hole pull out drawers. Not 'handles' or knobs. They stack PERFECTLY (I've yet to find ANY other brand out there that isnt specifically manufactured to stack...that does as well as Muji) with their individual pieces.
    I wish there was an option to load pictures. I have works of ART created with my Muji's and my Lock-Tight clear epoxy!! lol Literal structures that I would never be able to relocate further than a few feet should I ever move. (we own family land...so that will never happen anyhow. Ill die in this house...FULL of Muji. )
    BEST buy EVER.

  • 100%
    These are wonderful for my makeup storage! I have both the large size and the 5 drawer storage...They all work together perfectly!

  • 100%
    Good for the price, expected bigger though
    Was so excited to get these so I can finally organize my makeup. They arrived within 1 or 2 weeks. Only downside is that they were a tad smaller than I expected. Other than that, they look great. Makes everything look so much tidier. Would definitely purchase a couple more.

  • 93.333333333333%
    Amazing Product, Amazing Value
    Recently my makeup collection expanded and no longer came even close to fitting in the original acrylic three-drawer set. I was looking at an acrylic 7-drawer jewelry organizer at a different store, but didn't really want to spend $120 on it. Several of the YouTube vloggers I watch had the Muji drawers, so I thought I'd check it out. I got a 5 drawer and a 2 drawer for less than half of the original unit I was looking at! My makeup collection fits perfectly and I can see everything! I will definitely purchase from Muji again.

  • 93.333333333333%
    In love with Muji drawers!
    I ordered 2 of the two drawer, and one of the 5 drawer Muji acrylic drawer sets for my makeup, and I just love them! It may seem weird to some people to go through all the trouble of ordering makeup storage instead of running to Walmart and picking up some plastic boxes, but for as much as I spend on makeup, I am more than happy to go to the trouble of having a nice set-up!
    Muji drawers make makeup storage super easy, as the sizes of the drawers are perfect for most makeup, and being able to clearly see what I've got helps me use and rotate products more. I love the look and the convenience of these drawers! The only thing I wish was different would be having all the drawers have the same length and width. It still works, but the OCD in me has had to learn to let go and deal- lol.
    I have another order on the way with 2 one drawers (for taller items) and 1 more five drawer. That gives me plenty of space to grow, and keep everything organized! I love them!

Items 1 to 10 of 41 total

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