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*[Acrylic Storage]3 Drawers W10"xD6.7"xH3.9"

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A convenient stackable acrylic drawer. You can see the content through the transparent storage and better organize things.

  • Fragile shipping handling fee: Extra $4 handling fee will be charged for each piece.
  • Limited 6 piece per order.
  • No Express shipment for this product.

Product Detail
Sku# 4547315915507
Material Acrylic Resin
Outer Dimension W25.5 x D17 x H10cm (W10" x D6.7" x H3.9")
Drawer Dimension W23.7 x D15.7 x H2.5cm (W9.3" x D6.2" x H1")
Country・ Region of Origin Vietnam

July 11 - July 21 11:59PM EST

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