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*[Acrylic Storage]5 Drawers W10"xD6.7"xH6.3"

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A convenient acrylic drawer that can be used to store makeup, stationary goods or other small items.

  • Fragile shipping handling fee: Extra $4 handling fee will be charged for each piece.
  • Limited 6 piece per order.
  • No Express shipment for this product.
Product Detail
Material Acrylic Resin
Outer Dimension W26 x D17.5 x H16cm
Approx. (W10.2" x D6.9" x H6.3")
Drawer Dimension W23.7 x D15.7 x H2.5cm
Approx. (W9.3" x D6.2" x H0.98")
Country・Region of Origin China

Nov. 13 - Nov. 18 11:59pm EST

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Customer Review

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  • 93.333333333333%
    I love my Muji drawers!!
    I ordered 2 of the two drawer, and one of the 5 drawer Muji acrylic drawer sets for my makeup, and I just love them! It may seem weird to some people to go through all the trouble of ordering makeup storage instead of running to Walmart and picking up some plastic boxes, but for as much as I spend on makeup, I am more than happy to go to the trouble of having a nice set-up!
    Muji drawers make makeup storage super easy, as the sizes of the drawers are perfect for most makeup, and being able to clearly see what I've got helps me use and rotate products more. I love the look and the convenience of these drawers! The only thing I wish was different would be having all the drawers have the same length and width. It still works, but the OCD in me has had to learn to let go and deal- lol.
    I have another order on the way with 2 one drawers (for taller items) and 1 more five drawer. That gives me plenty of space to grow, and keep everything organized! I love them!

  • 100%
    LOVE THEM!!!!!
    I just received my 5 drawers and 2 big drawers I brought 2 of each, and I LOVE THEM!!!!! You guys did a great job packing it to me. OMG I CAN NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM!!!

  • 100%
    I just received my 5 drawer and large 2 drawer system.....IM IN LOVE!!! I would give 6 stars! It arrived super fast and without a single scratch. Was wrapped and wrapped with loads of bubble wrap. I may need to order more but I am so so happy with what I have! They are excellent quality and exactly what I hoped for. Get them while you can ladies....I just ordered Saturday and they are out of the 2 drawer again already! Fabulous product! Will order more!

  • 100%
    Excellent Product
    Excellent for smaller makeup storage! This one is for all eye storage, mascara, eyeliners, creams, etc.
    Ordered another which will be for all my Lip products storage! I will be back for more as I can afford it!!

  • 100%
    Great for storing makeup--with some exceptions
    I can store all of my makeup, including the brushes in one of these, plus a 2-drawer system (which has "thicker" drawers). I like that I can see everything inside, as I am a out-of-sight-out-of-mind kinda gal. If you own a lot of makeup or anything in bulkier packaging (liquid foundations in round or square bottes, loose powders in larger canisters, etc.) the 5-drawers won't be able to accomodate. Tinted moisturizers in flat tubes and compact foundations should be fine. The *inside* dimensions of each drawer are: 9 3/8" x 6 1/2" x 15/16" h. Hope that helps.

  • 100%
    LOVED IT!!!!!
    Arrived very fast and was very happy with the muji drawer's. Thinking over ordering the deeper drawers know

  • 100%
    Love Love Love it!! Can't wait for it to be back in stock again so I can order another one

  • 100%
    In love!
    I went back and forth in what size to order and finally settled on the 5 drawer unit. I ordered two of them on Wed night and received my order on Saturday. I love these, so glad I went with the 5 drawers unit, I filled them up and besides foundation, everything fits perfectly. I'd recommend these to anyone, you won't be disappointed! Plus they were packaged perfectly, not a crack or scratch on them.

  • 100%
    These drawers arrived packaged impeccably. I found them to be even more attractive in person than in various photo's. Very pleased, I will definitely be ordering more.

  • 100%
    Got my organizer over a month ago and I LOVE it, love how everything is right there and I can see what I want to use shipping was also very quick :)

Items 21 to 30 of 116 total

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