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*[Acrylic Storage]5 Drawers W10"xD6.7"xH6.3"

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A convenient acrylic drawer that can be used to store makeup, stationary goods or other small items.

  • Fragile shipping handling fee: Extra $4 handling fee will be charged for each piece.
  • Limited 6 piece per order.
  • No Express shipment for this product.
Product Detail
Material Acrylic Resin
Outer Dimension W26 x D17.5 x H16cm
Approx. (W10.2" x D6.9" x H6.3")
Drawer Dimension W23.7 x D15.7 x H2.5cm
Approx. (W9.3" x D6.2" x H0.98")
Country・Region of Origin China

Sep. 19 - Sep. 29 11:59pm EST

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Customer Review

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  • 93.333333333333%
    This little gem is perfect for my small collection of make up and brushes. The only problem I had was that the drawers were not deep enough to close while holding some of my larger containers of Bare Minerals. But I solved that by taking the top drawer out, putting it on top to hold lotions and stuff and then the second drawer beautifully closed while holding my makeup jars. I have brushes in the bottom drawer, pencils and lipsticks in the next drawer, scissors, tweezers and what not in the next drawer and so on. What a bargain and smooth running drawers too. To think you could pay upwards of 200$ for a diva. I think not! Thanks Muji!

  • 100%
    I received it within the week. Which is ok, because of the Polar Vortex! Tons of snow everywhere! But they still got it to me!

    Anyhow... i got the e-mail confirmation that it had arrived and I couldn't wait to get home to rip it open. Well rip it open I could not.. thankfully! It was packaged so well! The case was in absolute perfect condition.

    I couldn't wait... I ran to start organizing my make up!

    It was bit small for some of my stuff. But the quality of the box was great... so much so that its a testament to the MUJI line... I am ordering the larger 2 drawer case and just stack it.

    They have a new customer in me...and all my friends! They will be hearing about this awesome brand!

  • 100%
    Really nice for a reasonable price
    Muji takes great care in packing to ensure your items arrive without damages. They ship fast, my order arrived in less than one week. The acrylic case itself is sturdy and stylish. I ordered this to organize everyday makeup or makeup I want to use more often. The drawers are on the slim side so you may not be able to fit every piece of makeup you have depending on the size of your collection. I love this product and I can't wait to order more. I'd like to order some of the other acrylic cases too

  • 93.333333333333%
    Arrived very quickly, (after shipping bump) not as big as I hoped but I ordered 4 total, Hopefully everything will fit.

  • 100%
    LOVE! Fabulous Deal!
    I recevied my order in FOUR days! Packaged beautifully to ensure no breakage. I absolutely love the product and would definitely order more. I would recommend this product to anyone. It's an absolute steal at that pricepoint.

  • 100%
    Ordered this product with some skepticism. Product arrived timely and was packaged with enough bubble wrap to ensure there would be no breakage. These boxes are exceptional. Also order the 2 drawer which are deeper than the 5 drawer but not as long. The five drawer is wide enough to take care of all your makeup supplies. I am extremely pleased with the product and can't wait to order some for friends and family. This is a really great deal!

  • 100%
    Order this product with some skepticism. Product arrived and I am thrilled. Surprising sturdy with well made. Little rubber feet on bottom prevent slipping. Everything was packaged with bubble wrap so no problem of breakage. Really, really pleased with product. Now I want to order more for presents..

  • 100%
    love it♥
    I have a 5drawer and a 3drawer and I love them I use them to store my makeup and they sit very pretty on my vanity I've shared this to all my friends and now they all have these I will be making another order on nov 5th when its back in stock. ♥ thanks muji:)

  • 100%
    Were have I been?
    I ordered two set of this style, and I am in luv with these acrylic drawers, my dresser top look so pretty.

  • 60%
    They work.
    Great shipping! So fast! I was so excited to get them..And still really like them. However they are a fair bit smaller then I expected! I am a make up artist with 7 years of gratis make up!! I will be ordering these forever if I wanted it all to fit! Well not for ever but at least another 5 orders. Which leads me to the shipping cost. I wish I.had ordered all I needed in one order because I fund the shipping a bit much. And personally think the prices on these are bit much too for the size of them. In any case having said all that. They are great for making things clean.And compact. And for someone like me who needs to see it all to use it. These work!

Items 41 to 50 of 116 total

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