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*[Acrylic Storage]5 Drawers W10"xD6.7"xH6.3"

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A convenient acrylic drawer that can be used to store makeup, stationary goods or other small items.

  • Fragile shipping handling fee: Extra $4 handling fee will be charged for each piece.
  • Limited 6 piece per order.
  • No Express shipment for this product.
Product Detail
Material Acrylic Resin
Outer Dimension W26 x D17.5 x H16cm
Approx. (W10.2" x D6.9" x H6.3")
Drawer Dimension W23.7 x D15.7 x H2.5cm
Approx. (W9.3" x D6.2" x H0.98")
Country・Region of Origin China
Customer Review

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  • 100%
    I had seen these organizers on youtube and knew i had to have one for myself . I placed my order and 2 days later it arrived! Super fast shipping, packaged well and it holds almost all of my makeup, i just need to order one more and i will be set. Great price too!

  • 100%
    I loved my muji!! Just ordered another one! Fast shipment, great product!!!! Must have!!

  • 100%
    Great product with fast efficient shipping
    Ordered the 5 drawer case and gonna order another one along with the large 2 drawer with the lid as soon as its in stock. Love my 5 drawer case fits MAC blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks and lipliners. However it does not fit anything as big as the MAC studio fix compact. Highly recommend this product. Great to store your makeup.

  • 100%
    Love it!
    I ordered the 2 drawer with a lid and a 5 drawer. I received them within a week. They were bubble wrapped very well. I'm very happy with the way they look in my bathroom with all my makeup organized and easily accessible.

  • 100%
    The perfect storage for makeup!
    Being a visual person this was the perfect storage case for me to store my makeup because for me, out of sight is out of mind. I received my two storage cases yesterday and immediately put my makeup in them. I came to the realization I have way more makeup than I realized because my previous storage containers were not clear like these. Needless to say I filled up the two cases and need two more! I can't wait until the larger cases are available to order to complete my makeup storage collection. Needless to say, I highly recommend these cases and encourage you to order a combination of cases in various sizes for makeup storage. They look nice on my counter as well. Not to bulky... Order yours!!! I promise you won't be disappointed if you are a makeup addict like I am!

  • 100%
    LOVE IT!!
    I just received the Acrylic Case 5 drawers on Sat. April 13, 2013. It is well made and pretty to look at. Looks great on my vanity desk. I will order more in the future as my makeup grows. I will buy one for my cousin for her upcoming birthday in June as well as another for myself. All the reviews were on point and helped me decide to finally purchase the five drawers case. I wanted to see what all the hype was about...LMAO. Money well spent.

  • 100%
    Simply AWESOME!
    I was so excited in receiving my order that I almost forgot to write a review.

    As always, Muji has provided phenomenal service. My order arrived in 6 days (out of the 10 days as stated) which included the 2 Drawers-Large (X2), the 5 Drawer (X1), and the 2 Drawers-Large w/ Flip Top (X1). Just over a month ago, I ordered my first Muji acrylic case (the 5 Drawer X1) which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!

    As before, the box arrived well packaged...every corner of each case was reinforced with bubble wrap. On top of that, the entire box was filled with styrofoam peanuts as previously done in my first order. If Muji's special handling fee of $4.00 is what they charge for putting an extra effort into packaging orders, then it's truly well worth the money.

    The acrylic boxes themselves are so remarkably well constructed for the price. They're sleek, stylish, and professional in appearance. They look fabulous within my Wardrobe/Beauty Room. My girlfriends, family members, and even men have complimented on the appearance of the Muji drawers. Trust me, you will not regret buying them. I'm going to order one more of the 2 Drawers-Large and possibly 2 of the 3 Drawers. These drawers are worth every penny...far better than the former thin acrylic 3 Drawers units that I purchased from elsewhere which ran me approximately $70 for 5 drawers in which some have cracked. I'm happy to say I've quickly replaced them all with my new and more appealing Muji drawers. Thank you again, Muji!!! :-)

  • 100%
    Super lindo love it !
    Super happy with it .fast shipping very good quality and affordable price. thanks muji .i will back to get 2 large drawers .as soon is available in stock .

  • 100%
    Execellent makeup storage solution
    I can't wait for these to get back in stock. I ordered them for my daughter, and their so cute I have to get them for myself. She has 3 of the 2 drawer,and a 5 drawer, but I just ordered her a bunch of make up for her 21st birthday and she needs another 1 of each. may have to get 2 of the 3 drawers. Shipping takes less then a week..

  • 100%
    i still cannot believe how fast i received them! got them within 3 days of ordering them, and they were very well wrapped to ensure that they wouldn't brake during shipping. I will definitely purchase more of these from MUJI, they have excellent products and amazing customer service. I am very happy with my purchase and can't wait to order more!

    I have nothing but good things to say about the cases and the company!! :D

Items 71 to 80 of 116 total

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