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Cotton Buds Black

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SKU# 4934761396705
Material Cotton 100%
Shaft: Pulp
Dimension Dia. 8 x 8.5cm
Contents 200 Pieces
Weight Approx. 10g
Country惻Region of Origin Vietnam

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  • 100%
    My favourite
    Nothing like regular white qtips!! The shape allows for ear wax to actually remove from the ear canal!!

  • 100%
    Not all cotton swabs are created equal
    Here is proof that not all cotton swabs/buds/q-tips are created equal. In addition to bring different in color from the average cotton q-tip, these black ones have a tight-knit spiral design for the cotton buds at each end.
    I like to keep both these and regular, white, cotton q-tips in my bathroom because sometimes one is better at doing a task than the other. These black spiral swabs work well for smaller, more precise task. And white swabs work better for broader, general-area task. White swabs are a little softer and more absorbent than these black swabs. Black swabs work better for applying something(especially with more precision) and white swabs work better for removing something from a slightly broader area.
    Both types have different uses so I like to keep both on hand.

2 Item(s)

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