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Foot Shaped Beach Sandals Black

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Comfortable fit at arch of the foot.

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Product Detail
Style# EBE03A1S
Material Sandal Strap: PVC
Sole: EVA Resin
Country惻Region of Origin Vietnam
Additional Information
  • Take care not to slip on wet floors or roads.
  • Stop wearing this product immediately if rashes or itchiness occur.
  • Dry in the shade.
  • Deformation and softening can occur in high temperatures. Do not leave in a car or in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Avoid using in an oily place if possible.
  • Children should be supervised when using this product.

Size Length
XS 23.95cm (9.32")
S 24.95cm (9.82")
M 25.95cm (10.22")
L 26.95cm (10.61")
XL 27.95cm (11.0")
XXL 28.95cm (11.4")
XXXL 29.94cm (11.79")
*Size chart for reference only. Actual size might differ slightly due to the feature of the material.

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