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Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm Black

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Gel-ink ballpoint pen with a frosted body for writing or drawing. The tip of the pen uses a mechanism to keep the ink from flowing in the reverse direction and drying out. The water-based ink allows for smooth writing and no bleeding through papers. It also produces bright colors.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

Product Detail
SKU# 4548718727674
Material Polypropylene
Dimension 14cm
Nib 0.38mm
Color Black
Country·Region of Origin Japan
Customer Review

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  • 100%
    Can't stop buying
    I bought my first pen and I can't stop using these pens. I can't even stay away from the shop without buying a pack or two. Smooth and comfortable to use. The look is very attractive and simple. Just like my personality.

  • 60%
    ORDER # 100400869
    what happened muji !!??
    this pen use to be good!! the last few pens i recieved were extra bold and very runny ! i contacted customer support two times with no response. please use the old formula ! something changed and we noticed. this ne dark ink is very runny and has a shine to it, not like before it was more flat

  • 100%
    My new Life-time Pen
    This pen has really change the way i write. I am a college student and I was starting to lean to digital note taking apps but once I got this pen and one of their pocket notebooks, i switch back to hand writing again. Once this Pen runs out I will travel from D.C. to NYC just to get another one. Grip is good, is comfortable, durable, compact and the ink and writing experience is just amazing. This pen made me ditch my fountain pen and it because my one and only carrier - probably for my entire life.

  • 100%
    Best Pen Ever
    I bought this pen, as well as a bunch of other Muji fine tipped pens, and absolutely fell in love with this one in particular. It writes so smoothly and never bleeds or smudges. If you a reliable black pen, or really any great gel pen, this is the one!

  • 100%
    Fantastic Pen!
    This pen is amazing. Great price and great value. Was given this pen as a present and has now become my daily pen. Will buy again!

  • 80%
    great for drawing
    I love drawing and have been searching for a good fine liner for months now. I picked up this pen not expecting much, but it’s amazing. Writing with it is comfortable and when the ink dries, it doesn’t smudge at all. Most pens smudge when I draw over them with my alcohol markers, but this doesn’t as long as I let it dry. Highly recommend.

  • 100%
    Omg so good
    I loved this pen so much, a few years ago, I bought the light blue, and I loved it, in Taiwan, the prices are cheaper than in America, so I have about seven of them right now, and my friend and I are in a fight about them!

  • 100%
    i love this pen so much!
    i ordered this pen along with the red & blue versions around 6 days ago. first of all, i was surprised about how fast theh arrived! second, these pens are my current favorite. they’re really beautiful & simple, they have good quality ink, and they’re pretty comfortable to write with in my opinion. they’re about 14 cm long (5.5 inches), which i think is the perfect size; large enough to hold in your hand and compact enough to fit in almost any pen case. in the end, i love this pen, it’s one of my favorites. it has improved my handwriting a lot, and i really recommend it to anyone who’s questioning whether to buy it or not. definitely DO!

8 Item(s)

per page
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