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Good Fit Sandals Off White

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Summer sandals designed with arch cushioning that fits the bottom of the feet for extra comfort. The tip of the sandals curved up to prevent dirt when walking.

Product Detail
Style# EBE01A0S
Material EVA Resin
Additional Information
  • Take care not to slip no wet floor or roads.
  • Stop wearing this product immediately if rashes or itchiness occur.
  • Dry in the shade.
  • Deformation and softening can occur in high temperatures. Do not leave in a car or in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Acoid using in an oily place if possible.
  • Children should be supervised when using this product.
  • Pleaase choose shoes that are suitable for your intended activity. Avoid using them other than for their intended purpose, as this can cause injuries.
  • The hook portion of the hook-and-loop fasteners is hard and rough. Handle with care.
  • Make sure that the hook-and-loop fastener is not peeling off and there is no lint or other debris caught in before wearing.
Country惻Region of Origin Vietnam

XS (22.5 - 23cm) S (23.5 - 24cm) M (24.5 - 25cm) L (25.5 - 26cm) XL (26.5 - 27cm)

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