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[HD]Pocket Coil Mattress S with Attachable Legs (M8)*Legs sold separately*

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*Legs Sold Separately.

New Pocket Coil Mattress with Attachable Legs are only compatible with M8 bolt screw style.

  • Oversize furniture shipping handling fee: Extra $80 handling fee will be charged for each piece. 
  • Limited 1 piece per order.
  • MUJI Mattress/Bed is different from standard U.S. size. Please double check the measurement before purchase.
  • No Express, US Domestic only. Orders will be cancel if an area is not deliverable.
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Product Detail
SKU# 4550002766955
Material Steel Frame: Metal (Steel)
Cover (Outer Shell) Polyester 65%, Cotton 35%
Pocket Coils: Steel
Cushion (Upper): Urethane Foam, Felt
Cushion (Lower): Coco Fibre
Surface Treatment: Steel Frame: Epoxy Polyester Resin Powder Coating.
Dimension W98.0cm x D198.0cm x H26.0cm
Approx. W38.6" x D77.9" x H10.2"
Weight Approx. 35kg
Country・Region of Origin Malaysia


*Product images are for reference only. The actual product color might differ slightly due to image quality.


Pocket Coil Mattress

pocket coil mattress*Mattress Approx. 10.2"thick.

  1. Polyester Quilting Cover
  2. Non-woven Fabric
  3. Urethane Foam (30mm)
  4. Felt
  5. Pocket Coil
  6. Cocoa Fiber (10mm)
  7. Steel Frame


Rotating Mattress

rotate mattress

It is recommended to rotate the mattress from head to toe once every other season. By doing so, the weight on the springs will evenly spread out and decrease the chances of wearing off the springs.


Evenly Positions Different Springs

Different Springs mattress

  • Hard Coil
  • Medium Hard Coil
  • Soft Coil


The mattress is consists of three different types of spring coils. The side of the mattress which often sits on is filled with the hard coil. The middle is consists of the slightly harder coil to support the waist, and the rest of the mattress is consists of softer coils.


When installed 20cm Legs

Measurement*Can fit 4 PP Clothing Storage Case Small

  1. Double: W55.1"(140cm)
  2. Single: W38.6"(98cm)
  3. Length: Approx. 78"(198cm)
  4. Height: 18.1"(46cm)*including 20cm legs
  5. Width: Approx. 15.7"(40cm)


When installed 26cm Legs

Measurement*Can fit 4 PP Clothing Storage Case Large

  1. Height: W9.4"(24cm)
  2. Width: W15.7"(40cm)
  3. Height: 20.5"(52cm)*including 26cm legs
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