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[HD]Walnut Storage Bed Single

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Product Detail
SKU# 4549337407985
External Dimension W105.5 x D201 x H27cm (W41.5" x D79.1" x H10.6")
Drawer Storage Space W85.5 x D51.5 x H15.5cm (W33.7" x D20.3" x H6.1")
Open Storage Space W189 x D38 x H23.5cm (W74.4" x D15" x H9.3")
Drawer Weight Capacity 10kg
Package Information 1/5: W35.5xL113xH18cm・14Kg (30.8lb)
2/5: W35.5xL209.5xH18cm・22Kg (48.4lb)
3/5: W68.5xL106.5xH36cm・22.5Kg (49.5lb)
4/5: W68.5xL106.5xH36cm・22.5Kg (49.5lb)
5/5: W101.5xL50.5xH9.5cm・6.4Kg (14.1lb)
Country・Region of Origin Vietnam


storage bed1

storage bed1


  1. Additional Headboard (sold separately)
  2. Storage Bed Body: contains 2 drawers and 1 open storage space
  3. Additional Storage Box(sold separately): Additional storage space for your bed.
  4. The open space is open on the bottom as well and does not contain baseboard.


Storage Samples

Singlestorage bed1

Doublestorage bed1

Queenstorage bed1


Efficiently Usage of Space

storage bed1

To efficiently utilize all the possible space, the renewal design embedded the storage space with the bed frame.


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storage bed price

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