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Incense Stick Herbal

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87% of 100
Stick type incense with herbal fragrance. Burn time approximately 10min per stick. (Burn time varies depending on the environment)
Product Detail
Sku# 4550002547370
Dimension 4.5 x 1.2 x 9.2cm
Set Content 12 sticks
Burn Time Approx. 10min
Country・Region of Origin Japan
Customer Review

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  • 86.666666666667%
    My favorite scent
    I would recommend this incense to anyone who was curious about trying it out for the first time. After lighting it, it filled my whole room without feeling heavy and didn't cause those painful headaches I get when smelling strong scents. Now I cannot live without this. Shame that these small sticks only contain 12 sticks.

1 Item

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