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Women Organic Cotton Stretch Skinny Denim Jeans

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Using stretchable denim fabric allows the pants to fit along the shape of the legs at the same time still easy to move in.


Material: Cotton 91%, Polyester 6%, Urethane 3%

Size Chart
(*Size might differ slightly based on the cut.)
*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

Made in Cambodia

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Product Detail
Waist Inseam Thighs Width
21inch 65cm 21inch 75cm 21inch 24cm
22inch 67.5cm 22inch 75cm 22inch 24.8cm
23inch 70cm 23inch 75cm 23inch 25.5cm
24inch 72.5cm 24inch 75cm 24inch 26.3cm
25inch 75cm 25inch 75cm 25inch 27cm
26inch 77.5cm 26inch 75cm 26inch 27.8cm
27inch 80cm 27inch 75cm 27inch 28.5cm
28inch 82.5cm 28inch 75cm 28inch 29.3cm
29inch 85cm 29inch 75cm 29inch 30.3cm
30inch 87.5cm 30inch 75cm 30inch 31.3cm

*For reference only, please contact sales associate if there are any further questions.

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