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Linen Plain Weave Pillow Case Ecru Stripe 43x63cm

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Linen plain weave pillowcase are ideal for the summer and spring weather. The linen material allows airflow and not overheat while users are sleeping, napping, or just laying in bed.

Product Detail
SKU# 4550182116199
Material Linen 100%
Dimension 43cm x 63cm
(16.9" x 24.8")
Additional Information
  • Due to the characteristics of this material, scuffing and pilling may occur from the friction of usage and washing. This may come off and get stuck to other items. Please use a lint filter and wash separately.
  • Please note that weave irregularity, knotting and some color variance may occur due to the features of the material.
  • Rubbing against other objects will cause the material to scuff, and the scuffed portion may appear somewhat whiter in color than surrounding areas.
  • Please note that knotting may be visible in some parts of the product due to the characteristics of the material.
  • Dark-colored products may bleed during use due to friction. Color may also transfer if used while wet from moisture or perspiration. Please take care.
  • When laundering or dry-cleaning, separate from other items as color loss or bleeding may occur.
Country惻Region of Origin Cambodia

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