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[Product Information] 2017 Ranking


No.1 Body Fit Cushion

The Body Fit Cushion has consecutively won the number one top seller position out of all products worldwide. The micro-beads filling offers a high degree of softness and support, providing our customers with the ultimate relaxation.

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No.2 Storage Bed
Newly introduced in 2016, Storage Bed quickly became popular in the United States. The concept of combining the bed and storing space is perfect for a smaller bedroom.

No.3 Mattress with Legs
A simply designed and comfortable mattress that can be freely customized with wooden legs of various heights and colors.


No.4 Aroma Diffuser
Adopting the idea of aromatherapy, Aroma Diffuser fills your room with soothing smells. Perfect gift choice for friends and family!

No.5 Hard Carry
The newly designed wheel stopper and adjustable handle makes traveling easier. Use alongside with our other MUJI to Go products to make your trip stress-free and simple.


No.6 Acrylic Storage
The clear and simple design is still our customer's favorite organizer choice. Various sizes and shapes make it fun to customize your desktop arrangement!

No.7 SUS Unit Shelves
Our Steel Shelving Units let you build how you like, offering additional parts to let you arrange the units based on your preferences.


No.8 Gel-ink Pen

No.9 Sensitive Series

No.10 Neck Cushion

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