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Rucksack With Adjustable Handles A4 Gray

Out of stock

A4 files fit in this bag nicely. Length of the bag is adjustable.

Product Detail
SKU# 4550182293791
Material Outer Shell: Polyester 100%
Lining: Polyester 100%
Mesh: Polyester 100%
Measurement 26 x 13cm
Country・Region of Origin Vietnam
Weight 400g
Max Weight Capacity Approx. 19.5kg
Additional Information
  • Please washed in according to instruction on the label
  • Do not keep wet items in the bag, as this causes color transfer from the bag.
  • Water repellent will gradually get lost during use.
  • The equipment placed in this product will not be completely protected from scratches or damage due to impact. Please note that we shall not be held responsible in the event of any loss, damage, fault or theft of the main unit or any consequential data damage or disappearance.
  • If any dust or sand gets into the PC storage pocket, it may cause scratches.
  • Do not knock, drop or swing around, and make sure the pocket is closed when used.
  • Contents may be damaged if dropped or subjected to other strong impact.
  • Note that the PC can get damaged if too many other things are stored along with it in the pocket.
  • Do not keep or use this product in a hot or very humid place or in direct sunlight as it can cause damage, discoloring or deformity of the product or breakdown of the equipment.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

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