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Shock Absorbing Heel High-Cut Sneakers Gray

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Comfortable sneakers with shock absorbent insole to reduce pressure on heels. Perfect for light exercise. High-cut suitable for rainy weather.
Product Detail
Style# G9AB604 Gray
Material Upper: Polyester 97%, Elastane (UK)/Spandex (US) 3%
Measurement 26-28cm
Additional Information
  • This product is not completely waterproof. It may absorb water if used in the rain or under wet conditions for extended periods. Be aware that water may penetrate the water-resistant layer included in the lining if it becomes damaged.
  • The shoes can be slippery on a wet floor or road. Use extreme caution.
  • Stop wearing this product immediately if you suffer from rashes or itching.
  • Keep away from fire, as this may cause deformation or softening.
  • Avoid using in an oily place if possible.
  • Children should be supervised when using this product.
Country惻Region of Origin China

Limited Time Value

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