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[PP Stocker Additional]Storage Deep W7.1"xD15.7"xH12"

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Made of translucent polypropylene material. This storage system has a simple design and can accommodate various storage items.


Outer Dimension: W18xD40xH30.5cm
Storage Dimension: W12.5xD35xH26.5cm
Weight: 1.6kg
Weight Capacity: 5Kg
Maximum stacking: 4pcs
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Extra $2 handling fee will be charged on each piece.
(Limited 2 piece per order.)

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(*Please double check the dimension before purchase.)


The additional drawers for PP casters. The drawers can be attached to one another by simply remove the top lid.

 Approximate Weight (include wheels)Storage Estimation
Weight CapacityLid Weight CapacityTotal Weight Capacity
Shallow Approx. 5.5lb Approx. 6.6lb Approx. 66lb  
Regular Approx. 11lb Approx. 6.6lb Approx. 66lb Approx. 350ml Soda Cans x 10
Deep Approx. 11lb Approx. 6.6lb Approx. 66lb Approx. 1L Bottles x 4

※The stockers can stack up to 48"(122cm) high. (including caster height)
※The overall weight capacity of any combinations of stacking drawers is 66lb(30kg).



PP Stocker Size Module

deepThree shallow stockers are equal to one deep stocker.

mediumThree shallow stockers are equal to one shallow stocker plus a regular stocker.

shallowTwo shallow stockers are equal to one regular stocker.

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