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2018 Product Ranking

2018 Product Ranking


See the top ranking products among MUJI fans.
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2018 TOP 5

TOP Seller Body Fit CushionBody Fit Cushion
The comfortable micro-beads sofa is No.1 top select of the year.
Cover of the Year: Gray Beige.


TOP Seller Aroma DiffuserUltrasonic Aroma Diffuser
The diffuser uses the ultrasonic wave to effectively diffuse and disperse a fragrant mist around the room. Top choice for a gift idea or self reward.

TOP Seller Aromatic HumidifierAromatic Ultrasonic Humidifier
Introduced in USA market this year and quickly became one of the top popular products. You can add pure essential oil to enjoy the fragrance while staying moist in the winter time.

TOP Seller 12Color Gel InkGel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 12 Colors
Featuring gel ink that reduces bleeding through paper. One of the most popular products among students.

TOP Seller Hard Carry 35L BlackAdjustable Handle Hard Carry 35L Black
Adjustable handle, noise reduced wheel, and wheel stoppers with the concept of easy travel. It is popular among both US and overseas travelers.



Ready to renew your stationery set for a new semester?
Check out some of our top popular stationery products.

Acrylic StorageAcrylic Storage


Stationery Top Seller Plantation Note 5pkPlantation Paper Note B5 5pcs set

Stationery Top Seller 12pk GelGel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 12 Colors

Stationery Top Seller Smooth Gel InkSmooth Writing Gel Pen 0.5mm Black

Stationery Top Seller Gel-Ink 6pkGel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm 6pcs Black



Built the most comfortable home
See top household selections of 2018

Interior Top Seller Storage BedWalnut Storage Bed


Interior Top Seller Mattress with LegsPocket Coil Mattress without Legs

Interior Top Seller Cleaning SystemCleaning System Series

Home Interior Ranking 4 Organic Cotton BeddingsOrganic Washed Cotton Bedding Series

Home Interior Ranking 5 SlippersCushion Insole Slippers



Simple and easy to style.
Check out the popular styles among MUJI lovers!

Apparel Top Seller FlannelOrganic Cotton Flannel


Apparel Top Seller Non-Itchy Turtle NeckNon-Itchy Turtleneck

Apparel Top Seller Yak WoolYak Wool

Apparel Top Seller Organic Cotton ShirtWashed Cotton Shirt

Apparel Top Seller French LinenFrench Linen
*Available in early summer