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Cozy Home

Cozy Home

There is no place better than home...

Whether you are out running errands all day, staying late at the office, or studying for your big test the next day, you deserve a good rest, and there is no better way than change into your comfortable pajamas with a cup of hot tea and set yourself down on a body fit cushion.

Body Fit Cushion

Stay Cozy



Relaxing Time

Body Fit Cushion

Body Fit Cushion

The squared-off shape offers greater support by keeping cushioning where it’s needed most. Microbeads filling offers a high degree of softness and support. The small beads also resist crushing over time to offer durability.

Body Fit Cushion Micro beadsMicro-beads that does not crush easily and can easily form along the body shape

Stretchy coverCover made of stretchable material that form along with the cushion body

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Table Bench

Table Bench

Made from sturdy wood, this piece of furniture can be used both as a sitting bench or low table. The spacing underneath can also be used for additional storage space.

Tabel bench woodenMade of solid wood and lacquer coating. Sturdy enough to sit on

Table bench storaging spaceEfficiently use all of your free space, by storing items underneath the bench for quick access.

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Aromatic Ultrasonic Humidifier

Aromatic Ultrasonic Humidifier

A convenient humidifier that be used on a table or at your bedside. The tall mouth is designed to prevent moisture from accumulating at the base. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil to liven up the room even more!

Aromatic Ultrasonic Humidifier MouthTall diffuser mouth prevents water from leaking on the table

power option3 different power options: Strongest (3) to moderate (1)

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Nap Time

Linen Twill Slippers

Linen Twill Cushion Slippers

By adding the same inner sole that is used for outdoor shoes, these slippers are designed to be comfortable to walk around in all day.

Cushion soleComfortable rubber sole added for extra cushioning

Linen Slipper fabricMade with linen fabric, that is comfortable all year round

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Men Flannel Pajama

Organic Cotton Flannel Pajama

Our flannel pajamas are soft and seamless, making them extra comfortable to wear when lounging around the house or going to sleep.

Pajama Organic CottonMade of echo-friendly organic cotton

Seamless designPrinted care label for extra comfort

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Yak Wool Large Multi-cape Stole

Yak Wool Large Multi-Cape Stole

The unique shape of this cape stole allows it to rest better on the shoulders and will not slip off as easily. Try styling it in different ways, based on your outfit!

Seamless designStay warm, no matter how you wear it

Can be wear as capeThe U shape design keeps it from slipping off your shoulders

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Starting from $11

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Tea Time

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

A simply designed electric kettle that can boil a cup of water in 80 seconds. The power automatically shuts off when the water comes to a boil, so that energy is conserved. Perfect for a quick cup of hot tea or coffee.

Heat resist tea potA simple on-off switch

Seamless designSpill prevent lock

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Table Bench

Heat Resistance Glass Series

Made from microwavable heat resistance glass. The transparent body helps to add color to your table and is visually pleasing to serve.

Heat resist pot with strainerUse our tea strainer to filter out tea leaves

heat resist mugPerfect for serving teas of all kind

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Instant Rooibos Ginger Chai Tea

Instant Chai Tea & Sandwich Crackers

Try our special blend of caffeine-free Rooibos Ginger Chai tea! The enriched taste of the tea goes well with our salty and sweet snacks. Delightful options to enjoy on a calm afternoon.

Cheese Cream sandwich crackersSalty cheese cracker with a hint of parsley to enhance the taste

Chocolate cream sandwich crackersSatly cracker with sweet chocoloate cream form a perfect balance of taste

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