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Flannel Coordination

Flannel Coordination

MUJI’s Flannels are made of a sturdy ply yarn that was washed during the manufacturing process. The resulting fabric has a brushed finish that creates warmth and comfort. Designed with the basics in mind, MUJI’s Flannels are versatile for everyday wear. Check out the many ways to style our Flannel, with additional tips from our MUJI Styling Advisors!

2018 Flannel

Styling for Men | Styling for Women

Men Flannel Style1

Tips: Monochromatic colors make a great minimalistic outfit. A subtle touch of thin stripes will spice up any outfit.

Men Flannel Style 1-Collar

Men Flannel Style 1-Sleeves


Men Flannel Style 2

Tips: If you choose a colorful top, add a mellow gray layer to tone it down while keeping the look cohesive.

Men Flannel Style 2-Sleeves

Men Flannel Style 2-Collar


Men Flannel Style 3

Tips: A small touch of white or light gray can break up dark colors of an outfit.

Men Flannel Style 3-Collar

Men Flannel Style 3-Sleeves


Men Flannel Style 4

Tips: Pair our flannel shirts with our chino pants for weather appropriate business casual attire.

Men Flannel Style 4-Sleeves

Men Flannel Style 4-Collar


Women Flannel Style 1

Tips: Choosing a tunic instead of a shirt allows your arms to have additional room to move even when it’s tucked in. A tunic tucked in at the waist with a long skirt can also help to elongate your legs.

Women Flannel Style 1-Collar

Women Flannel Style 1-Sleeves


Women Flannel Style 2

Tips: Adding a dark color to an otherwise light-colored outfit helps to add definition and frame your silhouette.

Women Flannel Style 2-Sleeves

Women Flannel Style 2-Collar


Women Flannel Style 3

Tips: Dress up your casual look with a stylish patterned tunic. Wear it as an extra layer and pair it with your favorite pair of shoes.

Women Flannel Style 3-Collar

Women Flannel Style 3-Sleeves


Women Flannel Style 4

Tips: Layer a flannel shirt and blouse together for a warm and cozy look. Pair with jeans and sneakers for everyday wear.

Women Flannel Style 4-sleeves

Women Flannel Style 4-Collar


Need a face-to-face advisory? Come visit our styling advisor at 5th Ave store for personal styling tips. Click here for store information.


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