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MUJI Vacation

MUJI Vacation

It’s still warm and sunny, which means summer isn’t over yet. As summer continues, take a break from the beach by bringing the festivities home or going on a weekend journey. With versatile items from MUJI, make the most out of the remainder of your summer break.

Family Gathering

Outdoor activity


Family Gathering

Bring the family reunions or celebrations to your own backyard. Nothing says quintessential summer party better than good food and company. Getting your home ready to entertain guests has never been easier than with MUJI’s effortless table décor and glassware.

Setting Up | Cocktail Party | Clean Up

Setting Up

Family Gathering


Living Dinning BenchLiving Dining Bench
W22.8" | W45.3"
Starting from $240

Oak Foldable TableOak Foldable Table
47.2" | 63"
Starting from $290

Cotton Plain Weave SlippersCotton Plain Weave Slippers
M | L | XL

Cotton plain weave slippersCotton Plain Weave Slippers
M | L | XL

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Cocktail Party



Juicer MixerJuicer Mixer w/ Mill

Glass TumblerGlass Tumbler
200ml | 270ml | 350ml
Starting from $2.00

Silicone ice traySilicone Ice Ball Maker
S | L
Starting from $10

Ketak PlacematKetak Placemat
Oval | Rectangle

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Clean Up

Clean Up


Sponge with HandleSponge w/ Handle

Rubber GlovesRubber Gloves

3 layer sponge3 Layer Sponge
Starting from $3


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Outdoor Activities

You never have to stray too far for your next adventure. Take a weekend trip to that trail you’ve always wanted to explore, or embark on a road trip through surrounding cities. With MUJI essentials, you’ll be well prepared on your next adventure.

Outdoor Wear | Sanitary Goods | Hiking Essentials

Outdoor Apparel

Outdoor Apparel


Sweat Absorbant T Shirt[MUJI Walker]
Sweat Absorbent T-Shirts

Available in 6 colors

Sweat Absorbent Hoody[MUJI Walker]
UV Protection Hoody

Available in 3 colors

Water Repllent SneakersMen Organic Cotton
Water-Repellent Sneakers

Available in 3 colors

Foldable BackpackNylon Backpack
w/ Side Belt


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Sanitary Goods



Long Twist TowelsLong Twist
Extra Thin Towels

Available in 4 colors

Sanitary Refreshing SheetRefresh Sheet
3 Packs Set

Also available in single pack

EVA Clear caseEVA Clear Case
XS | S | M | L
Starting from $1

PP case for tabletPP Case
for Tablet

Starting from $3.95

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Hiking Essential

Hiking Essential


Aluminum FlashlightAluminum
LED Flashlight


Stianless steel mugStainless Steel Mug
350ml | 500ml
Starting from $28

Passport NotebookPassport Notebook
Graph | Blank | Dot

Family GatheringTravel Wallet
Gray | Blue | Mustard | Black

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