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Kitchen Appliance

kitchen appliance


Juicer | Rice Cooker | Pop-up Toaster | Hand Mixer | Electronic Kettle | Q&A



Juicer with Mill

This mixer can serve up to 2 people. Use it to prepare juice and soups conveniently. The mill attachment can be used for liquids, small dry foods, baby food, etc.

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measureIndicators for convenient measuring.

simple buttonA simple button to start the juicer.

grinderComes with a mill attachment.



Electronic Kettle

Electronic Kettle

You can boil 1 cup of water in 80 seconds. After the water has boiled, the power will turn off automatically so no electricity is wasted. The stopper on the lid prevents spillage if it is tipped over or dropped.

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pour lockLock mechanism to prevent spilling.

bowl baseRounded base to keep the kettle in position.

cord holderPower cord can be hidden.



Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Featuring a resting place on the lid for a rice paddle, this rice cooker has a form of a rounded square for a soft appearance. The pot is made thick, which evenly circulates heat for delicious rice. Comes with a measuring cup and a resin rice paddle.

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inner potUneven lid evenly distributes the heat.

textureResting place for rice paddle on the lid.

textureSelectable cooking options.



Pop-Up Toaster

Pop-Up Toaster

The toaster is formed in a square, with soft and rounded edges. The heating panel is in close proximity with the bread, which gives the bread a crisp surface and a soft center. Frozen bread can also be toasted very well.

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round edgeSoft, rounded edges for a modern design.

crispy toastEvenly toasts bread.

defroze optionDefrosting option for frozen bread.



hand mixer

Hand Mixer

The balloon whisk allows you to mix cream or meringue perfectly, with 2-speed options. The cord comes out from the side of the mixer, allowing you to stand it upright when you need to stop mixing.

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simple buttonEject button to easily remove the beater.

net beaterLarge wire beater for a better mix.

fit with bowlAngle adjust perfectly with the Stainless steel bowl.




Q What is the return policy?

A All kitchen appliance are final sales with no returns/exchanges. If the product is defective upon arrival, please contact customer service within 7days.


Q Does the product come with English instruction manual?

A Yes, the English version instruction manual is included. You may also contact customer service to receive a digital PDF version.


Q Does the product come with a warranty?

A Yes, the kitchen appliance comes with 1-year warranty upon purchase. Note that warranty does not cover human-caused damage or malfunction due to inappropriate usage. For in-store warranty, the customer must fill the warranty card that is within the original packaging. A replacement will not be available without the warranty sheet.


Q Can these kitchen appliances be used in Canada?

A Yes, all our kitchen appliance adopt to power source 120V, which is the same in both USA and Canada.


Q Can these kitchen appliances be used in other international areas?

A No, all our kitchen appliance adopt to power source 120V, a difference in voltage will cause malfunction of the product.

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