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[Thin] Cotton Waffle Small Bath Towel 60x120cm Ecru

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Body towel made from cotton waffle for easy drying.
Product Detail
SKU# 4550002181802
Material Cotton 100%
Dimension 60 x 120cm (23.6 x 47.2")
Additional Information
  • Due to the characteristics of the materials, be careful not to scratch this product with an accessory, etc.
  • The finished size and colour varies slightly depending on the features of the material.
  • Please note that the natural color of this product is used, with no bleaching or dyeing. The color therefore varies depending on the raw material.
  • Due to the characteristics of the materials used, nap may falloff or stick to other clothes during wearing and washing. Please use a lint filter and wash separately.
  • Please avoid using fabric softener, as this worsens these problems.
  • Nap falls off easily and may get stuck on the skin, etc. when the product is first used.
  • It is hard for water to be absorbed when the product is new. Please wash in water before use.
Country惻Region of Origin India
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