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Unisex Japanese Fabric Denim Tapered Pants

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Denim pants that can be worn for either a fitted or baggy look. Features various sizes.
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Product Detail
Style# D9AG500
Material Cotton 98%, Elastane (UK))/Spandex (US) 2%
Country惻Region of Origin China
Additional Information
  • Color transfer may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet.
  • This product may transfer color to white or light colored underwear or clothing, or to white or light colored chairs, sofas, car seats, shoes, bags, belts, etc.
  • Wash separately.
  • Due to the characteristics of the materials, deformations or twisting may occur.
  • Discoloration may occur in light colored products due to being stored in light or polluted air.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, the finished size and color may vary slightly.

Size Waist Thigh Width Inseam
23in 69.5cm (27.4") 27.5cm (10.8") 65cm (25.6")
24in 72cm (28.4") 28.2cm (11.1") 65cm (25.6")
25in 74.5cm (29.3") 28.9cm (11.4") 65cm (25.6")
26in 77cm (30.3") 29.6cm (11.7") 67cm (26.4")
27in 79.5cm (31.3") 30.3cm (11.9") 67cm (26.4")
28in 82cm (32.3") 31cm (12.2") 67cm (26.4")
29in 84.5cm (33.3") 31.7cm (12.5") 67cm (26.4")
30in 87cm (34.3") 32.4cm (12.8") 69cm (27.2")
31in 89.5cm (35.2") 33.1cm (13") 69cm (27.2")
32in 92cm (36.2") 33.8cm (13.3") 69cm (27.2")
33in 94.5cm (37.2") 34.5cm (13.6") 69cm (27.2")
*Size chart for reference only. Actual size might differ slightly due to the feature of the fabric.

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