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Water Repellent Crochet 55-57.5cm

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Product Detail
Style# F9SB706
Material Polyester: 64%. Cotton: 36% Nylon: 100%.
Additional Information
  • Color transfer may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet.
  • This product is made using urethane resin. Please note that urethane resin deteriorates due to moisture, and may deteriorate depending on the storage conditions.
  • Be sure to store this product in dry, well ventilated place.
  • Water repellent (treated to repel water)Water repellent will be lost by washing or cleaning..
  • Colour may transfer from dark-coloured products through friction during wear. Colour may also transfer if worn while wet from rain or perspiration.
Country・Region of Origin Thailand

July 11 - July 21 11:59PM EST

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