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Women Organic Cotton Comfortable Slip-On Sneakers Off White 23.0cm

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Product Detail
SKU# 4549738779384
Material Upper: Cotton 100%
Sole: Rubber Soles
Additional Information
  • Make sure you try the shoes on before purchasing them.
  • The shoes can be slippery on a wet floor or road. Please use extreme caution.
  • When cleaning the outer surface, use water with some neutral detergent to remove dirt and then wipe with a wet cloth. Do not use shoe cream.
  • Dry the product in the shade.
  • Keep away from fire to avoid distortion and softening.
  • Avoid using in an oily place if possible.
  • Water repellent (treated to repel water)Water repellent will be lost due to use.
  • Please wear without crushing the heel. Deforming the heel may cause injury to the foot and unsteady movement.
  • Please use a shoehorn to put the shoes on, and tie the laces firmly.
  • Please choose shoes that are suitable for your intended activity. Avoid using them other than for their intended purpose, as this can cause injuries.
  • Please stop wearing this product immediately if you suffer from rashes or itching.
Country・Region of Origin China

Size Women Shoe Size Men Shoe Size
23.0cm 6.0 5.0
*Size chart for reference only. Actual size might differ slightly due to the feature of the fabric.

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