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Women Right Angle Pile Knit Yak Room Socks 23-25cm

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Thick socks made from a yak wool blend. Knitted with a right angle to fit the heel.
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Product Detail
Style# F9AA154
Material Wool 43%, Polyester 29%, Nylon 14%, Yak (UK)/Yak Hair (US) 10%, Viscose (UK)/Rayon (US) 3%, Elastane (UK)/Spandex (US) 1%
Measurement 23-25cm (Women's size: 6-8)
Additional Information
  • Due to the nature of this material, scuffing and pilling may occur through friction caused through use and washing/dry-cleaning. In these cases, please treat the material with lint remover, etc.
Country・Region of Origin Japan
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