News Release

MUJI Reduces Prices Permanently at US Stores

Starting April 2, 2015 MUJI will permanently reduce the prices on over 650 products at its US stores. The reduction is not a sale nor promotional campaign but a reflection of MUJI’s constant effort to offer affordable prices and maintain … Continue reading

MUJI Kids’ Clothes Come to U.S.


  Select MUJI stores will offer kids’ clothes for the first time in the U.S. starting spring 2015.The joy of putting on clothes, the wonders of growing up. MUJI imagines every aspect of the daily lives, behavior and feelings of … Continue reading

New MUJI Furniture: “Body Fit Cushion”


Body Fit Cushion Hit Product in Japan Finally Comes to U.S. Superlative comfort combined with a functionality suited to small spaces have made the Body Fit Cushion one of MUJI’s most popular products in Japan. It finally comes to the … Continue reading

MUJI Opens New US Flagship and 1st Mall Location Mid-2015

  MUJI to Open New California Store (Palo Alto) and New U.S. Flagship (NYC)   MUJI opens two new stores in mid-2015: the first in Palo Alto’s Stanford Shopping Center in July, the second on New York City’s Fifth Avenue … Continue reading

Times Square Stamps and Monogram Workshop

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MUJI offers a new set of letter stamps for customers to use at its popular stamp station. The new letters use the classic Cheltenham typeface that has been associated with the New York Times and other newspapers since the turn … Continue reading

MUJI Snacks and Teas Come to NYC

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The reopening of MUJI Times Square also brings MUJI’s snacks and teas to New York City for the first time. The food items will be available at the Timers Square store on 11/20 and will come to other New York … Continue reading

MUJI Times Square Reopens 11/20


MUJI Times Square will reopen on 20 November with a new layout to improve customer experience and provide a clearer view of what MUJI offers, not only in terms of product range but also philosophy. The changes may appear small … Continue reading

Press Release: 11 Holiday Items


  For the coming gift-giving season, MUJI proposes items that at first blush may appear unusual, but the collection offers something many MUJI fans have come to appreciate about our products: you didn’t know you needed them, but once you … Continue reading

Launch of “Wool Wool Wool” Autumn/Winter Lookbook


Wool cape stole with armholes and touch panel gloves for women. Tweed jacket and trousers and itch-free turtleneck for men. MUJI releases a new “Wool Wool Wool” series of apparel for autumn and winter, with certain pieces brought into stores … Continue reading

Press Release: New Dorm New Apartment


  A streamlined bed and functional storage containers perfect for a studio apartment or dorm room. Classic notebooks, pens and bags ideal for lectures or meetings; whether in a seminar or conference room, they project a sense of order and … Continue reading