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Silicone Ice Ball Maker - online special final sale no return or exchange

Silicone iceball maker. The hole on the top allows for easier pour water into the mode to make round iceball.


Material: Silicone
Dimension: Dia.2.3"

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How to make an ice ball:
1) Attach top and bottom parts. Please close it tight.
2) Pour water from top Hole. Do NOT fill water completely, please keep a little space on the top.
3) Push top part to make sure there is no space in between, then store in freezer.
4) Allow the ice to completely solidify.

How to take the ice out:
1) Twist upper and lower part. If it is difficult, push from the bottom.
2) Push the top part and take the ice out. It is easier if you stretch the side.
3) Drop with care when placing the ice ball into cup.


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  1. very nice

    This product is excellent - makes a perfect sphere with no water seepage. Depending on water used, it can be crystal clear. Required a spoon to pull sphere from mold; and in the event you have a large party, you would have to create each ice-sphere separately. (I don't have the patience.) It's a nice treat.

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