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Beech Wood Bench with Round Legs

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Wooden bench made from upcycled imperfect materials. Features irregular shades of color and striping.

Even if the appearance of the furniture is uneven, high-quality materials are processed by Japanese craftsmen with the latest technology. Made with solid beech wood and treated with urethane resin coating.

*Assembly not required.

Care Instructions

Product Details

Style Code:

Dimensions: Approx. W39.4 x D13.4 x H17.3" (W100 x D34 x H44 cm)

Item weight: Approx. 23 lbs (10.5 kg)

Withstanding Load: Approx. 264.6 lbs (120 kg)

Country/Region of Origin: Japan

Material & Care

Body: Solid Beech Wood
Coating: Urethane Resin Coating.

- Contains Formaldehyde Absorption Sheet

- Make sure to tighten or re-secure loose screws.

- Please make sure the room is well-ventilated when unboxing. May contain trace amounts of formaldehyde. Sensitive individuals and infants may experience allergic symptoms.

- Avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat from air conditioners or wind, which may cause warping, cracking or discoloration.

- Please avoid using alcohol with the product. If disinfectant containing alcohol drips onto the tabletop, please wipe it off immediately. Concentrated alcohol may discolor or deteriorate the surface coating.

- Gently remove dust from the surface using a soft cloth or duster.

- If there's heavy dirt, use a cloth soaked in 3-5% diluted neutral detergent, then wipe off immediately with a cloth soaked in water, wipe with a dry cloth and let air dry.


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