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Loyalty Program Points

Loyalty Program Points (referred to simply as “points”) are earned from completing certain actions while logged into a MUJI USA account. Points can only be redeemed for store credit at purchase only (online). Points cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Points will automatically expire after 6 months of inactivity of Loyalty Program actions.

Signing Up

New users will be able to gain 50 points in MUJI's Loyalty Program for creating an account on the MUJI USA Online Store ( Points will not be added to an account after completing other actions in the Loyalty Program if the user is not logged in to their MUJI USA account. Accounts created before 10/18/21 will receive 50 points as part of the signing up bonus. If your account was created before 10/18/21 and does not have 50 points added as a signing up bonus, please contact HELP@MUJI.COM.


Logged in users will be able to gain points when completing their purchase in the MUJI USA online store. 1 point is added for every whole dollar amount spent for the subtotal of every online order. Points are not added from tax and shipping fees. Points earned from purchases will not be applied to the current point balance until the order status is changed from "Authorized" to "Paid". NOTE: Points will not be added from in-store purchases made in MUJI USA physical retail locations and Loyalty Program points cannot be redeemed at MUJI USA physical retail locations. Points will not be added to purchases made before 10/18/21.

If a customer's order is refunded, any points earned from the purchase will be removed from that customer's account. NOTE: It is possible for a customer's point balance to be a negative amount in certain situations. For example, if the customer submits a purchase and gets points, then applies those points towards another purchase, then returns the first item. The points will be removed from their account, but they've already "spent" them, resulting in a negative point balance.


While logged in, you can enter your birthday to receive 10 points in the Loyalty Program and a 10% off coupon that will be sent on the birthday submitted. Coupons will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Loyalty Program. Only one birthday coupon can be used per calendar year. NOTE: After a birthday has been submitted, it cannot be changed.



Customers can accumulate points from the Loyalty Programs from leaving reviews on products that they have purchased from the MUJI USA online store or from MUJI USA physical retail stores. Photo Reviews must contain an image of the product being reviewed. Only reviews submitted via review request emails after an online purchase are eligible for earning points through submitting a review.

Loyalty Program Membership Levels

Loyalty Program has 3 membership levels: Basic, Gold, and VIP. New users will start at the Basic membership. After reaching a point balance of 500 points, users will upgrade to the Gold membership. After reaching a point balance of 1,500 points, users will upgrade to the VIP membership.


 +1 (877) 414-9402

Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5PM EST

*Excluding National Holidays

※MUJI U.S.A Limited reserves the right to modify the benefit and policy. For other questions or concerns please contact help@MUJI.COM.