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Aluminum Round Fountain Pen

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A sturdy and long lasting aluminum fountain pen. Comes with 1 ink cartridge inside the pen. Ink cartridges are sold separately.

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Product Detail
SKU# 4547315136865
Material Body: Aluminum
Cap: Aluminum
Clip: Iron, Brass
Tip: Iron
Refill Ink Cartridge Sku#4547315139040
Ink Type Water Based (Black)
Country·Region of Origin Japan
Customer Review

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  • 60%
    Great Pen!
    I unpacked it, popped in a cartridge, and it immediately started writing smoothly and cleanly. Very impressive for such an inexpensive pen.I think I'll be using this one a lot.

  • 100%
    Great starter pen
    I love the engineering look of this pen--it's understated but the entirely aluminum body has a very clean and efficient look. I disliked those $100+ resin fountain pens because I thought they all looked too flashy to be professional. This one looks like an ordinary pen but wows when you uncap it. It's a tad heavy for me with the cap posted (small hands) but uncapped it is perfect. The knurled grip can get dirty but it's nothing that you can't get rid of by rubbing it with an eraser. No need to keep buying cartridges either--this fits one of those refillable international fountain pen converters. That and a bottle of ink will run you $15 extra, for a total of $30 with the pen, but this thing's lasted me the past 4 years and I still have half a bottle of ink. In the long run it's cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying pilot g2's. Its only downfall is that my hand hurts holding it after a while since it's solid metal, but I'm a student and to be honest I shouldn't be writing for 5 hours nonstop anyways.

  • 100%
    Near perfection
    love the integral design approach to the pen, it feels light but solid. The rough texture around the holding area is a nice touch. The weight balance also provides a counter inertia to the hand movement, making it tamable. REMINDER: don't forget to get a few cartridges for you order, the pen came with one cartridge, but you probably need to refill every two weeks.

  • 100%
    Great first fountain pen
    I love this pen. I tried it out at the JFK Muji Store and really liked how it wrote. It happened to be the sale of the day as well, so I grabbed one. I love it so far. Well balanced, sleek, minimalist. Ended up grabbing a second so I could have one at home and one at the office. It has a decent heft to it, so it doesn't feel cheap, and everyone complements it.

  • 100%
    My favorite fountain pen
    I have a number of fountain pens, and this one is my favorite. It's cheap, but solidly built. It's "no frills" design is professional, and clean looking. I love using this pen, and it has become my workhorse in the office. I prefer using it much more than my other, more expensive fountain pens. Highly recommend.

5 Item(s)

per page
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