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Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 12 Colors

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Please note that the Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pens in this set are of an older style. Newer style pen refills are not compatible with this type of pen.

Gel-ink ballpoint pen with a frosted body for writing or drawing. The tip of the pen uses a mechanism to keep the ink from flowing in the reverse direction and drying out. The water-based ink allows for smooth writing and no bleeding through papers. It also produces bright colors.

*Product images are for reference only. Actual product color might differ slightly due to the image quality.

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Product Detail
Sku# 4548718989997
Pen Nib 0.5mm
Country・Region of Origin Japan

Gel Ink Pens

Our gel ink pens feature an ink prevention mechanism, which stops ink from flowing in the wrong direction. This prevents breaks in your writing and ink leakage. The new aqueous pigment ink also reduces ink bleeding through the paper. Taking notes for school or work becomes a little bit more fun to look at.

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Customer Review

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  • 86.666666666667%
    worth the price
    i ordered these pens, because i had seen a lot of people using them. i thought that the price was a bit much at first, but order them anyways. for japanese stationery, they are very affordable. it’s hard to get japanese stationery for cheap in the us. i low. these so much! they are so smooth, and don’t really smudge. i usually try to give them a few second before i highlight, but besides that they are perfect! i wish they had a yellow, but i understand. personally i don’t love the .5mm size, and would actually prefer the .38mm if you are writing. for people with larger, or nearer handwriting these are perfect!

  • 100%
    It's been years since I have experienced joy like this. These gel pens are perfect. Write like a dream!

  • 100%
    Love the colors and the sleek body!
    I am a college student who still hand-writes their notes, and I love these pens! These are my favorite without a doubt! I find the design very easy to hold and they're a dream in my pencil case because they hardly take up any room. Previously I had been using the inkjoy gel pens, but they're too big and bulky and I don't like the thickness of a .7 pen that much anymore. These are by far the best .5 pens I have ever owned. There's little to no skipping and the writing is smooth (YES, even with the light colors!!).

  • 86.666666666667%
    My favorite pens ever
    I recently got my set stolen, but I got these in the JFK airport before my flight. I used them everyday up until they got taken and I loved every second. These pens write very well on paper and skin (I write notes on my arm) and I love how they feel.

  • 100%
    great but to expensivee

  • 53.333333333333%
    Gel Ink Pens
    the pen stops ink from flowing in the wrong direction and can cause breaks in your writing and ink leakage

6 Item(s)

per page
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