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My Bottle For Water

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Reusable empty bottles for carrying water to reduce impact on the planet. Its flat shape and smaller size allows it to be easily stowed away. Water is not included in this product.

*Do not use with dish washer, microwave, freezer, and hot water

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Product Detail
SKU# 4550182930801
Material Bottle: PET
Cap: Polypropylene
Volume 330ml
Country惻Region of Origin Japan
Additional Information
  • BPA free
  • It is not a storage container
  • It is only for water or MUJI tea (room temperature or below).

Handling Precautions

  • Do not use hot water as there is a risk of burn or deformation.
  • Do not put it by an open flame.
  • It may be damaged if it is put in the freezer.
  • There is a risk of leakage. Please do not carry it with valuables.
  • Please close the lid firmly.
  • Use over time will lead to wear and tear.
  • If product is dropped, damage may occur.
  • Condensation occurs when cold water is put in.
  • Please wash it before use.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach, polishing powder, wire wool, benzen, and thinner with the product.
  • It is not a product that should be used for a long period of time. Regular replacements are recommended.

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